Android do-gooder, I work for Justyoyo as a Developer, solving payments and loyality one burrito at a time.

I’ve worked for Oracle, Mubaloo, Bizzby, The App Business and Wordeo, from enterprise databases to high quality smartphone development.

I develop Android, Java, C#, Javascript, Node JS, SQL, bash...


I originally started out on BSc Robotics course, but as my love of computing took over I saw it necessary to move to computing to fill my urge to continue learning about an already large hobby, computing, as a whole.

Before starting university I undertook my ICT, Physics and Chemistry A-Levels at Ashlyns 6-Form in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Where I went to school for 5 years.

I graduated from University of Plymouth, completing my BSc (Hons) in Computing, with a 1st in my project.


Whilst at school, I took a very heavy interest in technical theatre, and to this day still do as much as time allows me, over the years it has enabled me to be a fairly competent sound engineer working with school’s, charities and some professional venues. I have met some truly amazing people over the years and still met new people in the industry which always brings great joy.

Mid way through 6 form I started to mess around with web development, starting with very basic HTML and some PHP to create a basic crew website for the school technical crew and to help with my ICT coursework. Unfortunately these sites are no longer available but my newer work is available in my projects page.

When joining secondary school, I started to take up drumming seriously, although I lacked time to practice at university, I still enjoy playing music with friends when back home and have performed live a couple of times.