Zero no Tsukaima

I was watching Zero no Tsukaima the other day, and like most times I watch anime it allways gives me this massive urge to draw. Not sure if its natural but hey I enjoy it so here you go:

Louise Mad Upset

Now if your not one for the anime don’t worry I wont be offended.

But some more info for those who are. This is Louise Zero from Zero no Tsukaima. It is probably one of the best series I have watched in a while, I am yet to catch up on Ergo Proxy another fantastic series for those intrested.

But I finished watching Zero no Tsukaima and was left with the desire to draw, so I hope you like it? Its been over a year since I last drew and to be honest I have missed it, funnly enough though this is probably one of my better drawings considering I havent been drawing in so long. I think its allright.. like usual the eyes need work probably one of the hardest things to draw and if you dont belive me go ahead and try :-) This was alldone with a single HP mechanical pencil, yes it makes it harder but it proves that you dont really need special tools to draw. So I think i will be drawing more over the coming year where time allows. And I hope to improve and I hope you enjoy them, I allso wish to add colour too. But I’ll probably keep with the drawing intill im pretty confident with that.

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