WiFies – Indoor Location

So a few months have happened and a project has developed in wonderful ways.

Android Device App Home Screen

Originally the project wasnt meant to have a website but low and behold the project has a lovely website to administer tracking your device and setting it up.

Wifies – Location Tracking

So what can it do? Currently perform actions based on a device location, e.g. when walking into University my phone will go silent and when moving away from university it will go loud.

Due to this being a university project I can’t release it to the public just yet (IP and all that) but I intent to continue development and release the application to market to try and get some feedback and users testing it.

Please feel free to pop along to the website and register for the time being and I will place an .apk file as soon as I’m allowed too.

Stay tuned folks!

Wifies – Location Tracking

Christopher Jenkins
WiFies – JenxSolutions & University of Plymouth

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