Poster Fair

So we had our poster fair today!

Oooo exciting day of projects, people, free lunch and guests!

I’m going to take this one out on a positive as I had a fairly good day.


1am-3:45am: BUG SQUASHING! That last minute panic, I will get my project presentable!

11am: Rise n shine

11:45: “Why arnt you dressed yet” – ‘Its 12:30 Batch, don’t worry!”

12:30: Free food – mmmm cheese – Free food – steal some cheese… and “Wait.. that’s a project?”

1:30: Mr Apple acount manager man! Yeah lets keep UoP in our pocket with a outdated slide show… boo mr apple boo.

2:00: *Grin* Shoulder to Shoulder, “Can we have your project for next year?

3:00: “Oh so your a lecturer” – Mouth say hello to my foot!

3:20: Hi Saveen!

3:40: You didn’t win!

4:00: Go hom… *Gone*

Lets break this bad boy down!

Free Food

Students free food – always a winning combination – but sometimes needs must. In some cases Cough Ben/Russel Cough aquiring food to take home is allways a bonus. I comend you comitment to the cause you ledgends!

Mr Apple

Bored… oh there is more than “The App Store”. Sorry your loosing sales to Android and Ovi… Sore maybe… boring- definitely.

Hang on… thats a project?

Yes, I shall mention no names but I don’t consider a ‘ Torch App for Android’ a final year project… Please let me know if you do! (funnily enough not alot of people did)

Oh your a lecturer!

Well true foot in mouth moment, I was talking to a lecturer for a good 10 min’s who was very interested in the project. Upon asking what do you study here “I’m a new networking lecturer”. Ooooops! Well how was I meant to know? He should take it as a compliment… just saying he looks young.

We finish with 1 x don’t listen to Bob, “Use a high contrast posters, avoid large blocks of solid colour… what posters win? the ones with large blocks of solid colour! Note to self… Ignore Bob and do what you think looks awesome!

Anyway heres the poster for your amusement anyway!

Wifies Poster

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