Fusion Ticket

Not all of you may know my involvement in Fusion Ticket, but I am the original creator, lead developer.

Fusion Ticket Logo

Fusion Ticket has been a major part of my life the the past 3 years and the evolution of the product has been amazing.

Any one looking for a Open Source or Free Box Office / Ticketing solution should seriously consider checking it out. We are allways looking for new volenteers to help maintain and contribute to Fusion Ticket.

Aim: The aim of the project was to serve as a need for an online sales platform for the charity I work for, Pepper, when we decided it would be a good moved to start selling online. The project took off from there.

Development: We have been developing for over 3 years now, it would be nice to have fresh faces, I have limited time for Fusion Ticket now, but there core developers still working with Fusion Ticket in real world events and saving them £1k’s of pounds.

Future: I can’t discuss the future of Fusion Ticket, but my future with FT is very intermittent, When finishing university I will have to make the decision of my involvement with Fusion Ticket, as for the project? I will be going strong for years to come for sure, although a financial backing will be required to make it even more successful.

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